What We Do

With over 100 years of scuba diving experience, The Dive Team has extensive knowledge of the underwater world.  Our goal is to bring this amazing underwater world to those who may not have the opportunity to see it in person and to show how incredible this world can be.  We promote safe and respectful use of dive sites and heritage areas. We believe in the preservation of these special places and are trained to dive respectfully and in accordance with conservation dive standards.
All of The Dive Team members have a great reverence for the underwater world. We document each new place with zero impact to wildlife and integrity of heritage sites.  We have in-house photographers, videographers, video and photo editors, scuba instructors, and dive masters.  We film and edit our short films from start to finish, including music and narration.  Our dream is that more people will have the opportunity to discover and appreciate the underwater world and gain an interest in the vital historic sites and immeasurable biodiversity that make up our planet. ​